Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 228 - Attitude

Over the last nine months I have had a few times here and there where I felt angry and upset over our situation (see yesterday's post), but in general I have this amazing peace in my heart and I am just living one day at a time. I think for me when we hit a new dip and things get worse, I need some time to adjust. I keep thinking it can't get much harder and it always does. But, once I accept that and adjust to the way things will be, I can kind of move on and turn my attitude around again.

I have found that there is one particular emotion that has kept me sane and that is gratitude. No matter how bad things get, I know they could be so much worse. Every day I thank God for everything that we do have. Mostly for our health, a roof over our heads, our safety, friends and family who support us, food in our kitchen and each other. I hear stories of what other people are dealing with and it turns my world upside down to think that I only have to worry about money.

I also find that reminding myself that things will not be like this forever, even though it often feels that way, really changes my attitude as well. It changes my mode to "getting through it" instead of "living with it". Feeling like a fighter rather than a victim is so much more affective. It also helps me to remember that God has a bigger purpose through this and with faith and trust, I can get there when it's time.

The way you get through your journey really lies in the way you handle it day-by-day. It lies in your attitude, your actions, your faith, your trust and your ability to fight your way through it. Leaning on God's grace and His blessings in your life will change everything.

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